Kaliguan Festival continue its 19th celebration to boosts CAGWAIT tourism in Surigao del Sur

Festivals in the Philippines are among of tourism’s haven and part of growing in national economic development.

Cagwait as fourth class municipality in Surigao del Sur endowed with agricultural products also stand its own enable to sustain its development by promoting additional spot with its beautiful u-shaped beach which became one of Surigao del Sur’s top tourist destinations.

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This year 2015th of June 24-27, Cagwait celebrates its 19th Kaliguan Festival with various activities like search for Perlas ng Kaliguan, fluvial parade, beach dancing and many more.

The amazing white sugary sand beach of Cagwait with its friendly waves invites to those who loves skimboarding, surfing, and other friendly water sports.

If you love to visit CAGWAIT here’s how to reach the place:

From Cebu City, fly Cebu Pacific airline to Tandag City, flight sked MWF single journey vice-versa.

  1. From Tandag City, look for a ride going to Cagwait either by jeepney or by bus, 30-45 minutes travel time.
  2. From Manila, fly any choosen airline either to Butuan City or Davao City.
  3. Look for a bus ride or van for hire heading to Tandag City but make your full stop in Cagwait before reaching Tandag City.

Photo courtesy by:

Jojie Alcantara, Rolly Balbutin, LGU Cagwait, Almer Casio, Monica del Sol


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CALINTAAN : An exceptional beach island in Matnog, Sorsogon

Hold on to your breath as this new beach island located in Matnog, Sorsogon named as Calintaan Island surprisingly gives every beach goers a full satisfaction and unforgettable experience upon touching the clean fine white sugary sands and blue crystal waters. A perfect haven for relaxation, refreshments, recreations, family bondings, and more family activities.

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Mark your calendar and include this island to your travel which fulfill one of your beach dreams.

Your hop in and out to places where experience is something that is unforgettable, Calintaan Island will give you extraordinary experience and you might miss half of your life experience once you forgot to include this in your lists.

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Another yet undiscovered hidden paradise in Surigao del Sur

Do you know where you can find this hidden shallow waterfalls?

Diatagon-Bao-BaoFallsDefinitely you can only found this nature’s haven at the small town of Diatagon, Lianga, Surigao del Sur.

This shallow waterfalls named “Bao-bao” in the middle of green forest feels just like you’re in a virgin rainforest wherein cool soothing and relaxing way of nature will embrace your eagerness to come again.

“Bao-bao” is named coined from Bisaya or Tagalog term “babaw” or “mabaw” which means shallow.

Upon your try visiting in this yet undiscovered area, you will love to swim at its friendly depth like swimming pool area and will entice you to love the place. “Bao-bao” still freshly and rarely visited by different local and international tourists. Soon this place will be recognized by so many tourists due to its potential to be one of the tourist destination in Surigao del Sur.

 The location will give best experience for travelers and nature lover photographers.

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Arangasa Island, a new haven for first time island hopper

Discovering of so many islands in the Philippines has been heard for almost decades, but wait, there is one Island located in Aras-asan, Cagwait, Surigao del Sur that remains undiscovered. This island named Arangasa syllabicated as “arang-ga-sa” coined from the two words “arang dasa” a Cagwaitnon dialect which means “too many”. This place has been called after discovered  its  abundance in terms of seafoods such as fish, crabs, seashells, seaweeds, and even fronted with a large group of mangroves seen to be like floating in front of Pacific Ocean.

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Arangasa also gives the abundance of its beauty of nature while facing the large body of ocean. It is surrounded with white creamy sand and trees with cool soothing fresh air that invites every walks of life to visit and experience the undiscovered beauty of it.  The island seems to be preserved and protected because of some amazing scenic views of it.

People living in this island were hospitable enough to take care of their visitors. Fishing is their most work for a living as a source of income. The island has it’s own source of electricity coming from a solar power or from a generator. This distinct “must visit” island is good for first time travelers, discoverers, photographers, beach lovers, and island hoppers.

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Article by: Almer Casio

Email: almercasio@hotmail.com

Photo by: BBniel Quiñonez & Asterio Ugat, Jr.

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Many of us are always craving for beaches every time we spend our family vacation or group vacation. Boracay in Caticlan, Aklan is always in the mouth of every vacationers or to those who want to experience different beach hang-outs. If we said, night-life beach party, Boracay will gives you.

My dear beach lovers, why not try of something the same but different. I may say so because the place that I wanted you to introduce is a far place but so lovely to come. This is miles away from Metro Manila but a breath taking beach you ever discovered once you try to visit even once. This place belongs to Mindanao in a gifted province of CAGWAIT, Surigao del Sur. A place that is away from bombing, kidnapping, or other terrorists acts as you have seen and heard in the news.

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CAGWAIT WHITE BEACH is so breath taking to visit and to relax if you’re burden so much stress from your office work, environment, and other stressful event in your daily life. Here comes this wonderful beach that is suited on your tastes. If you want yourself feel empty from your problems, and think good decisions for your future, you are in the right place to go.

So why not try to discover a new haven for you this coming vacation, from outside Mindanao you can fly in different flights to choose origin either DAVAO CITY, BUTUAN CITY OR SURIGAO CITY. In that destinations you can ride buses going to CAGWAIT, then that’s what you are looking for.

A different paradise to discover that even in your dreams is rare to happen.


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SURIGAO del Sur, a province of tourist destinations

History of Surigao del Sur

Old folks still like to recount how some Visayan fishermen, forced by strong currents in what is now Surigao Strait, sought refuge in one of the huts somewhere in the province. The locals or Mamanwas thought the fishermen wanted to take the hut by force or by “agaw”. This term was given the prefix “suri” and “Surigaw” was formed. In time , it was shortened to Surigao.

Still another version recounts that, before the Spaniards came, the original inhabitants were the Mamanwas and Manobos. The Visayans then came and settled on the island with the natives. One of the natives was Saliagao, Who lived by the mouth of the river. From his name came “Surigao”.

But no matter how Surigao got its name, it is a fact that Surigao del Sur being a marvel in terms of natural resources, is already an indispensable part of the Philippine Map.

Surigao del Sur was created as the 56th independent Philippine province on June 19, 1960 by virtue of House Bill No. 3058 also known as Republic Act No. 2786 authored by then Representative Reynaldo P. Honrado. It was formally created and inagurated on September 18, 1960 at the capital town of Tandag, the seat of the Provincial government. Its first appointed and elected Governor was the late Recaredo B. Casillo, followed by the late Gov. Aldela Serra Ty. (History taken from http://www.surigaodelsur.ph)

Now the province were surrounded with different tourist destinations and some are still yet to discover. However, every municipalities who acquired this gift of nature were very careful in cultivating this gift from God not to be abused but instead to take more extra care so that it will last longer and will be useful for the next generations.

Some municipalities got their own festivals to promote and be recognized in the tourism industry.

These natural gift from God will also help generates more jobs in every individual within the society by introducing specialty products like handicraft, foods, and even investors to invest like hotels, restaurants, transportations, communications, banks, and many more. In this regard, we have to take good care of what our Almighty has bestowed upon us and so that more blessings will come continually.

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CAGWAIT “KAGandahang WAlang ITutumbas”

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We have Boracay, we have Palawan, we have Puerto Galera, now introducing CAGWAIT pronounced as “<kag-wa-it>” syllabicated or abbreviated as “KAGandahang WAlang ITutumbas”, a fresh soothing beach that will catch every tourists best ever scenic views in the Philippines.

This new wonder of the Philippines has its distinct attraction that other beaches in the country don’t have. Aside from, the sattelite view of Cagwait Beach formed as a cove or a letter C or a shape like a fan or clam shell which gives the beach looks amazing.

The waves that invites every wakeboarders or even surfers will give them more fun and unforgettable experience. Adventurers who wants to discover the beauty of deep below this sea will amazingly entice every single moments of your discovery.

Sands, beaches, corals, rock formations, and green environment that surrounds the area only shows that Cagwait is blessed by God. The warm hospitality of every residents is one thing that every tourist who loved new discoveries to consider.

If you are from far area, there are three destinations to consider for an easy and convenient travel, either you landed in Davao City Airport, Butuan City Airport, or Surigao City Airport, from that place just take a bus ride going to Tandag City and tell the bus personnel that you are going to Cagwait for them to assist you where to stop. And so you are here in Cagwait, welcome and enjoy your stay!

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